Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams has to be one of the most famous black & white photographers of all time. With spectacular landscapes from Yosemite National Park to perhaps lesser known still life photographs like 'Dogwood Blossoms'.

Fay Godwin
Very early on in my journey through black & white photography, I came across a book by Fay Godwin called 'Land'. Instantly I was transfixed by the images that she had captured. The book was entirely shot in black & white and many images were square format. This is possibly why even now I like to produce square format images.
Charlie Waite
Back in 1989 Charlie produced a book called 'Scottish Islands'. An outstanding collection of colour photographs covering the Inner & Outer Hebrides. I was so inspired by the images from the Isle of Skye that I made the trip there the next year. He is not usually known for his black & white work until he put together a collection of images for his book 'In My Mind's Eye' .
Joe Cornish
Another celebrated landscape photographer having worked with the National Trust photographing 'Scotland's Coast', he is better known to me by his amazing images from Saltwick Bay near Whitby in North Yorkshire.
Michael Kenna
Again like Fay Godwin, Michael produces black & white square format images of exceptional quality. Through the use of long exposure times, some of his seascapes have a dream like appearance. Some of his work is stark and almost abstract. But in my eyes, all of his work is inspirational.
Mari Sterling
She captures Wales with breathtaking beautiful colour and dramatic black & white images. I first saw Mari's work on the 'Ephotozine' web site which is a web based photography magazine. Anyone can register and then upload their images for all to see and comment on.
Dave Butcher I first saw Dave's work at a craft fair in Buxton, Derbyshire. His work was captivating! All black & white and all hand printed, images of the Peak District, Scotland and Switzerland.